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How TESOL Enriches Multi-Cultural Experience

If you travel a lot, there is no doubt you use the English language to communicate with other people in a new country you are in. So far, a huge number of countries in the world use English. There are even those who added it to their curriculum. The Philippines is one of the countries that have compulsory English subjects. So, if you travel to the country, there’s a huge population who knows how to converse with English.

Travel is a normal activity. A lot of people feed their wanderlust cravings and travel to different parts of the globe. Aside from being equipped with the basic local language of their travel destination, they’ll use English to communicate on a deeper level. Travel enriches the soul; the experience can mould a person’s outlook, while language helps in building the connection between different cultures.

Learning to speak a widely-spoken language helps in breaking language barriers or gaps that hinder people in communicating. On the other hand, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) can also break the boundaries of language differences. And one university is participating in the breaking boundaries, adding more depth to the multi-culture experience.

Troy University, a university in Alabama, USA, has added a new minor in their course list. Before, the University regularly offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for non-native English-speaking students. Now, the university has added TESOL as a minor for native English-speakers. Both courses are available under the College of Communication and Fine Arts. The minor will qualify students to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) students.

Aside from the additional minor, the senior lecturer of English and a faculty adviser for TESOL, Theresa Johnson, created recommendation letters for students to be able to have intercultural experiences abroad through study abroad programs, according to the university’s official student paper Tropolitan.

For a number of students, TESOL has helped them have a deeper level of connection with people from other countries, and Savannah Cousins is one of them. A senior human services major and a TESOL minor from Ramstein, Germany, Cousins was a part of a language exchange program with China last summer. She said the TESOL minor helped her have empathy for people who arrived in a new country for the first time and is required to learn that country’s language.

Another student, Claire Humphreys, said TESOL helped her learn something new. A senior psychology major and a TESOL minor from Atlanta, Humphreys was able to get a federal scholarship to study the Korean language in Gwangju, South Korea. And through her TESOL minor, her familiarity with different teaching methods helped her in learning a new language.

TESOL can be considered as a gateway to knowing other people, whether they’re from different backgrounds or the same as yours. It can help students communicate better and understand the people they’re talking to.

Teaching others the English language can offer various experiences for you, such as these exchange programs or working abroad. You can get started on taking a TESOL preparation course melbourne from MCIE to get expert training from industry professionals with others who have the same goal as yours.

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