The Benefits of Joining English Study Groups

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One of the common struggles for the many English learners is learning on how to converse with consistency. A huge number of people lose confidence when they find that they are not learning quick enough and it can cost them to lose their motivation.

So, if you want to improve your English speaking skills while having fun, one of the best courses to take is to join fellow learners in an English study group.

When you join an English study group, the constant correspondence and conversation with fellow English learners makes it a lively learning session where aspiring speakers are able to progress steadily as a group.

Entering an English study group is known to greatly enhance a learner’s speaking skills. All thanks to its friendly and inclusive setting, as it fuels the members’ desire to learn while making the experience fun for them.

But, the most important part is it gives members opportunities to practise the language with fellow members. With the senior members’ guidance, the club’s structure and study model, members get to experience speaking the language in social settings.

As far as advantages are concerned, what exactly are the benefits of English study groups to your English improvements? Here’s a list for you:


Healthy Playground

In spite of being in a learning setting, clubs have a lighter tone in terms of implementing lessons through first-hand interactions with other members. The atmosphere is less formal compared to school classrooms.

English study groups are more of a healthy playground for members. It lets members interact with other members who share common hobbies, interests, and English competency. It also lets them build relationships with peers inside and outside the group. Whether the group is done on a weekday or weekend, it serves as a fresh outlet for members to socialise with other members.


Positive Atmosphere

Group facilitators or teachers focus more on making the atmosphere of the group welcoming for members to enjoy their sessions. Group activities further encourage participation and communication between old and new members.

Groups often welcome new members not only from one school, but from different schools or places as well; hence, providing members with insights to broaden the group’s inclusivity.

In addition, groups are consistent in holding meetings and sessions. These meetings help mould members in having better social relationship skills that they can use with people outside the group. In group activities, members won’t feel discouraged when committing mistakes since they know other members and teachers are there to help them improve through feedback sessions.


Targets Improvement

Since it’s an English group, members will tackle English all throughout the session. The main benefit members get from joining an English study group is the opportunity to further develop their English skills, with the main focus on improving their conversational skills. Just by talking to members and participating in activities, members enjoy sharpening their English skills in different aspects, such as listening and speaking.

Facilitators or teachers come up with creative activities to grab the attention of members and encourage them to participate, making members learn problem-solving abilities, idea-expressing, presentation skills, and to cooperate with chosen group mates in order to reach their common goal — to win.

Some examples are discussions, storytelling, games, and different kinds of presentations. In discussions, members can fuel their brains with excitement instead of dread because of the interesting topics that are based from realistic and familiar situations. Meanwhile, storytelling ignites their interest from the different experiences of other members, while presentations offer members an opportunity to hone their public speaking, creativity, and listening skills as they use the English language.

Joining English groups enable you to connect with other English learners in a welcoming and warm environment that encourages communication, group participation, and improvement. With all the activities that the group offers, members are pushed outside their comfort zone in order to practise their English speaking and listening skills since some are based on realistic and familiar situations.

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