How You Can Start Improving Your Business English Today

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Working in the business world requires professionals to achieve a level of skills needed to be successful as well as develop their communication skills in terms of speaking, writing, presenting and negotiating.

Let’s use the story of a senior manager who works in a financial firm as an example. As a senior manager of a known financial firm, he or she speaks with high-ranking professionals in meetings and negotiations.

Others may see him or her as someone who is already at the top because of the way he or she speaks English – it is spoken in a way that is proficient, fluid and concise. Imagine if his or her mother tongue is not English and the manager worked so hard in achieving excellent English.

Reaching excellence in English did not happen overnight. Unknown to many, the manager watches the news before their shift and even rehearses English speaking in front of the mirror during their free time. Through hard work and dedication, they were able to become fluent in English.

This powerful story is common among the most successful professionals. In order to climb the corporate ladder of success, they must rise to the challenge of improving their English.

Learning to speak a new language is a difficult challenge to overcome, but is definitely rewarding when achieved. All it takes is a positive attitude and the list of ways on how you can start improving your business English today.

Make it a habit — Come up with ways on how to make English speaking a part of your daily routine. And this can be achieved by practising it regularly. Through practising regularly, it helps to create a momentum; therefore, gradually embeds the activity to your system. It’s not a requirement to have English practice all day long. Everything can be done at your own pace. You can schedule your sessions every other day or during the weekends.

Gather English materials — Textbooks and your practice exams are not the only ones to use for references; there are other materials that can help you improve your English. These can be in the form of such as English TV shows, movies, music, TED Talks, and even the radio. These mediums can immerse you in the English language. Since these mediums are all spoken in English, you get to learn English references such as phrases and words. This helps in preparing you for real-life conversations with a native English speaker.

Join a positive learning community — There is nothing like being in a community wherein everybody has the same enthusiasm for learning and reason as you do. Joining a community where everybody is driven to learn can affect you positively, therefore motivating you to make progress. In addition, having a teacher helps inspire students to get out of their comfort zone and encourage in refining their way of speaking in a professional manner. Classmates too, can support you in keeping up with the classes. Lastly, a classroom setting can provide a feedback session for students on points they need to improve on.

List achievable goals — Setting up goals helps in pushing ourselves to get better. And in learning a new language, listing down goals provides an organized list of tasks to help support our overall progression. These goals can be about a list of to-do such as finishing up English books that are based on recommended reading or memorizing an English speech that you can deliver without stuttering. When you’re alone, give time to reflect on your goals and evaluate if you can accomplish the set of goals you’ve listed. If not, revise your goals and make it more realistic so that you can establish self-confidence and become motivated in accomplishing it.

Have fun — Having a positive attitude uplifts the spirit and makes you face the obstacles in learning English with much enthusiasm. This gives you the extra motivation to exert more effort. And most of all, learn to think outside the box in order to come up with a new approach in how you’ll enjoy the learning experience.

Learn to believe in yourself — This is the best advice that you can provide for yourself. People who learn how to believe in themselves are more motivated to face new challenges. Coming short of expectations is part of the journey, but this can also de-motivate our efforts and also soften our self-confidence. Having a mentality of “I Can Do This”, helps us overcome the feeling of inadequacy and it maintains our drive to succeed in learning.

English is a universal language. It is the same in the business world where a successful career is driven by excellence in English communication. In the case of our example earlier, the manager’s level of English proficiency is used to bridge the gaps of people from different cultures to understand each other and negotiate better when it comes to business. If you are planning to have a successful corporate career one day, the goal of improving your business English is achievable today when you choose to Study Business English Course in Melbourne under Explore English. The course helps students develop their speaking skills while also improving their overall communication skills in a very inclusive classroom.


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