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There are many different exams out there that will test a person’s ability to speak, write, and read the English language.  Deciding what it is that you need from these tests will help you choose which one to take.




  • The speaking portions of the tests are different. The IELTS test focuses on live conversation, whereas the PTE test has recordings and you speak your answer into a microphone.
  • In the IELTS test, you can move backwards in the test to correct something if you need to. The test itself has a set time for each paper. But with the PTE, there is a set time for each section, and you cannot easily move back to fix something or add something once you have passed it.
  • The IELTS test has a far more restricted limit as to when and where you can take the test. There are only 24 days out of the year when one of these tests is held. On the other hand, the PTE can be taken whenever you like, as it is given on every day of the year.



  • Each of these tests have two main versions; one for academic and one for general. They still test the language use, but the two versions differ in structure and use.
  • They each have four main sections in the test; reading, writing, listening, and speaking. They will differ a little bit after this, mainly in how they are given, but they are similar in structure nonetheless.
  • Both of these tests are now widely accepted in England, America, and Australia. They are both a great exam to use to see just what the level of English each student is at.

If you have never taken an English test before, you can check out both of these tests and see just which one you want to try taking. They will both give you a great way of measuring your knowledge of the English language without being too involved. No matter what you choose, know that your level of knowledge of the language will be fully and accurately measured, which will give you a great opportunity for your future.