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English is one of the most useful languages to learn. It’s been spoken in different parts of the world. With this, people from different countries are able to communicate with one another without any misunderstanding. It’s a common scenario that students flock English Schools in order to learn this language, whether it’s their first or second language.

However, English learners are in a pinch right now as they are falling behind expectations under the STEM Education. There is a new report released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine prove this claim. The said report came from a consensus study from different universities located in the United States, The Journal reported.

For others, they may shrug STEM education. But the truth is that the world clearly depends on it. STEM covers different aspects of education. Its subjects are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The report revealed English learners are presented with little or no opportunities for them to interact with different practices, such as challenging and disciplinary, and even appropriate content.

Even though the report said students were falling behind, there is still two sides of the story.

High School — the report said there are existing barriers in high schools, such as the exclusion of students from rigorous science or math subjects and remedial classes. There is also the concern about the poor selection of courses for the students.

Teachers — on the other hand, the report said the problem with teachers is they weren’t able to receive the needed training and preparation for them to provide STEM-related learning opportunities for their English learners. Second, there are teachers who allow for their bias and personal beliefs to take over them in the classroom, deeply affecting students negatively. Lastly, the report also found out there are only a few areas that provided STEM-related systems, policies, and training to help teachers with their personal growth in regards to STEM and how they teach English learners in STEM classes. In making the curricula, it’s essential for the school to consider students all throughout the process in order to have curricula aligned to student’s upbringing, development, and more.

It’s the responsibility of the teachers believe in their students. By setting positive expectations and integrating consistent support to students, they can influence their STEM learning in the classroom. This will help students focus more and engage better in classroom discussions; hence, having better results.

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