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Each student should know what to expect from their text books and the way that the class is managed by the teacher. This way, there should be a comfortable, but professional relationship between learner and educator. If a student knows what they are learning at a steady pace, they can ask for support, where they could be struggling or more work, where they are gaining confidence. Discipline and performance in the classroom are always at their strongest when they work together.


Consistent But Suggestive

As a teacher tries to entertain as much as educate, the message of learning from that teacher must be consistently delivered, with regards to how he or she deals with students. While students are still learning, so are the teachers. At Explore English, we are open to all cultures, so we must keep true to our values when it comes to every newcomer to the class, as we would be to veteran students. As we meet and greet new nationalities, we learn more about you.



Our books are tried and tested by international schools all over the world and the content of our books aims to introduce students to how we feel English should be delivered. In a general English class, there will be many new things to learn so as the weeks and units go along, there will be different topics on life discussed every day. Should you not agree with any of the texts or their content, please inform your teacher. There is always a way to overcome difficulties though informing correctly!



“We are all here for a good time, not a long time” sayeth a wise man! Back in the days of the industrial revolution, schools (around 150 years ago), schools were not always available to everyone. Now that they are; at least in Melbourne, anyway – we should enjoy each other’s company and how we can all learn from each other. This includes the teachers, so don’t be afraid to smile at us – we don’t bite! A smile day goes a long way! Explore English is here to help you progress in your careers and concurrently, this will help us grow too!



Happy learning!