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The skills I’ve learned from Nathan helped me build confidence to get a high score on the PTE-test.


Read full profileWilliam

My teacher is Bree. She makes the class very fun and vibrant.


Read full profileYoungjae

My teacher is Evrim and his teaching style is powerful. He uses great body language and is very interactive.


Read full profileMisato

My trainer was Anna and she is very good with conducting discussions, playing games and group activities.


Read full profileNozomi

I got the result that I needed for my Visa application, which is 79, but surprisingly I got an overall score of 90!


Read full profileEgbert

My trainer was Anna and she does lots of activities, group discussions, quizzes and makes it very interesting to learn English.


Read full profileKimono

I’m Alejandra Alvarez, part time worker. Learning a new language was always one of my biggest challenges, and finding the right place was also very important. When I joined the course, the purpose was to get ready for my PTE Pearson, I was really nervous for my test but excited at the same time to get to know the Institute, meet everyone and start my studies.

My experience has been great, the classes were excellent, I felt great, the connection with the teacher was good, the best environment and helpful.

I have new knowledge and my English has improved, also I’m glad to say that my exam results were excellent.Alejandra Alvarez

Explore English has been such a wonderful experience for me. I have met many nice people.


Read full profileHyoseok

Our teacher Jesicka is always ‘loud and strong’ for us! This is why we can say this school is so good.


Read full profileKaori

I am Hang. I come from Vietnam. I’m really happy with my English Course. I have studied at other Institutes and I like this program very much.

The other Institutes did not help me as much. With Explore English, I feel the teacher and staff are friendly and enthusiastic.

They discuss my purpose and help me improve my skills and I enjoy the course very much.Thu Hang Ta