New In the City: Communication Tips to Enhance Your Social Life

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For newcomers in Melbourne, adapting is a challenge because the city is a cultural melting pot in terms of diversity. For non-native English speakers such as international students and newly arrived professionals, the city is a friendly community that offers a lot of opportunities for new residents to acclimate and feel welcome.

When you’re new to a community, it is best to initiate social contact and get to know your neighbours, classmates and workmates. A healthy social circle makes for a happy life and is guaranteed to enhance your level of happiness and productivity.

Today, we will be focusing on improving one’s communication skills to improve their social life and make it easier to adapt to a new environment. With that being said, here are tips on how to get started today:


Be mindful of courtesy

When starting or entering a conversation, be mindful of courtesy right from the first contact to ending the conversation. It is a kind and an acceptable gesture to prompt a conversion by saying “hello” or “good morning”. In ending the conversation, it is acceptable to say “good day” or “thank you for your time”.

In hosting the conversation, one must carry a positive attitude and be respectful. In a diverse community such as Melbourne, virtue is found on thoughtful courtesy and respect.

During the conversation, never forget to listen to their reaction and responses as communication is built on a two way aspect: Speaking and Listening. To prompt a conversation is to listen carefully as a form of respect to their acknowledgement.


Learn the art of small talk

Social events such as community activities, festivals and celebrations are part of the experience in feeling a sense of being a part of the community. Melbourne has a lot of events that happen all year round and for new residents, attending these social events help in the immersion into the Melbourne culture.

If you have a tendency to be an introvert, social events could prove to be challenging. In learning the art of small talk, one can start conversations with confidence and with less awkward pauses.

Small talk is known to be a discussion that revolves around things that don’t have any significant importance and is commonly done during brief exchanges. But, looking closely, talking about anything under the sun can be considered as an invitation for an engaging conversation. With small talks, you can find out which are the interests that you and others commonly share. Interests such as topics, hobbies and preferred activities are great starting points to form a mutual interest.

So, when you’re attending a welcome party or a community event, start entering a conversation and participate in healthy conversations. For introverts, the art of small talk cannot be mastered overnight. Always remember to take baby steps in order to cope with social situations in order to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed or the formation of anxiety.


Less social media and be more sociable

The emergence of technology has evidently caused a negative impact on social interactions. Little by little, technology such as the Internet and mobile devices, are taking up too much of our time and is making us less sociable. Platforms such as social media apps, video games, and Netflix could be keeping us away from social interactions.

In improving your social life, start making it a habit to put down your phone, lessen your social media use and get out there to meet people. You could start by eating with your classmates during lunch time or attend your company’s events.


Expanding your social circles

Exploring different types of topics can help in expanding your social circle. Every person has their own unique set of interests and hobbies. Therefore, conversing with them helps in seeing a new perspective on society and embracing diversity.

Another way to expand your affiliations or social circles is to find common topics for discussion. Speaking and discussing with others helps give you insight about a diverse range of topics. When people share their opinions and knowledge on topics, they get to know one another better and it helps cement bonds for nurturing friendships.

Australia is a country that houses different cultures and races. Although this is the case, the English language is a universal language that can be used in order to communicate and form bonds. If you are a non-English speaker adapting to a new city, or just want to improve your communication skills, you can Study English in Melbourne under the guidance of Explore English to improve your English and overall communication skills.

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