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Our agents

To maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism in education business practice, Explore English requires all applications for agent representation to go through a thorough selection process and for all necessary criteria to be met before representation approval can be granted. Explore English also endeavours to ensure its representatives and agents strictly follow our enrolment guidelines and comply with the Australian ESOS Act and National Code by being professional and demonstrating integrity when dealing with prospective students who want to study in Melbourne, Australia.


Benefits of working with us

  • A pleasant, faster and simplified application process
  • We provide extra help to prospective students in the decision making process
  • One business day turnaround time for Letters of Offer
  • One business day turnaround time for eCOEs from receipt of payment (allow 3 business days for cheques to be cleared)
  • We frequently seek stakeholder feedback to improve our services
  • We provide regular course promotions throughout the academic year


Become an Explore English Agent

If you are interested in becoming an International Agent for Explore English, contact International Marketing at info@mcie.edu.au.


Our International Agents

A+ CAPEC Spain 34 661195430 spain@studycapec.com
ACE World Education 390787909 info@aceworldeducation.com.au
Andinoz Student Services 407824555 info@andinozcolombia.com
AIC mel@aicjapan.jp
Amalsa Pty Ltd 488204062 enquiry@amalsa.com.au
AMES Group
AOJI Enrolment Centre Of International Education (Melbourne) AUSTRALIA
Apptli Inc 81363654261 global-dive@apptli.co.jp
Asia Pacific Group 402613518 info@asiapacificgroup.com
AT Education 0011- 66853497637 gus@ateducation.co.th
Aus Education Executive Search
Aussie Access
Aussie Learning Pty Ltd T/A Nextperience 421031699 director@nextperience.com.au
Aussie You Too – Byron Bay 431196642 hello@aussieyoutoo.com
Austral Migration and Education Consultancy Pty Ltd (T/A Austral Consultants) (Melbourne) (Australia) 403229768 rossi.lizcano@australconsultants.com
Australia Education Services Pty Ltd – Melbourne 430097570 education@aesconsultant.com
Australia Pathway Consultancy
Australia Ryuaku Centre 07 55388892 info@gcsgp.com
Australia Study
AUSTRALIAN CENTRE – Perth 08 9321244 perth@australiancentre.com
Australian Connection Student Services – Melbourne 481374069 pzea@australianconnection.com.au
Australian Education Services
AUSTRALIAN OPTION EDUCATION – Melbourne 430595975 melbourne@australianoption.com
Australian Study Options 450776368 aso.enrol@gmail.com
Australian Study Solutions 409201021 melbourne@australianstudysolutions.com
Australian Way Agency 451334212 alberto@australianway.es
Austral-Oriental Education Services
Austudy Pty Ltd 423731716 andres@austudy.com.au
Auswelt 413216353 info@auswelt-ryugaku.com
Avotrio Education
AVSS Srinakarin 0412 191 958 sunee@theavss.net
BADA 02 34772205 melbourne@badaedu.com
Balance Education 0481 090 525 patcha@balanceeducation.com.au
Basya Pty Ltd 03 96422387 ying@ftmelb.com
Better Life Consultancy 432094724 malaysia.blc@gmail.com
Beyond Study Center
Blue Studies International 422290244 melbourne@bluestudies.com.au
C P International Education and Migration Centre 0011 66 2278 1236 info@cpinter.co.th
CNJ Global Holding
Cosmogonic Consultants & Cosco Education
Direct Bookings
Down Under Education
Dunher Studies 5.73207E+11 pablo@dunher.co
DW International Group
Easy Going Education 401253557 camilo@easygoingeducation.com
Edex Educational Excellance 490033264 australia@edex.com.co
Education and Migration Global Group 422904479 cserrano@emgroup.co
Education and Migration Services Australia 755917178 education@emsaus.com
Education World SAS – COLOMBIA – Medellin – OFFSHORE 57-43115700 j.giraldo@edw.com.co
EduTravel Group
Egali 478930159 melbourne@egali.com.br
Elite Link
Elite Study
Eureka Study
Ferneda Consultants
Genuine Education
Get Qualified Now
Glory Group
Go Study 370183000 melbourne@gostudy.com.au
Gold Koala
Good Day Oz 466117136 contato@goodayoz.com
Good Way Education Visa Services 452145677 admin@goodwayeducation.com.au
Grasshopper International 5.73164E+11 veronica@gi.com.co
GrowPro Experience
Hello Aussie Student Services Pty Ltd 434542030 info@hello-aussie.com.au
Hello Australia 403206169 agency@helloaustralia.com.br
HydeFly 0011 – 6621067711 director@hydefly.com
IAE Global 03 86269300 iae-japan@iaeedunet.com
IEC Abroad Ltd 0011 44 161 233 4295 international@iecabraod.com
Information Planet Pty Ltd 02 92836161 contactus@informationplanet.com.au
Insight Education
IS EDUCATION 402798528 melbourne@isec.com.tw
I-San International Ed 0011- 66831 1879607 isan.intered@gmail.com
Japamate 432552683 info@japamate.com
Jing Wang
JR Global Consulting
JR Training Australasia 0457 389 600 jim@jrtrainingconsultants.com,au
JRIS Education LTD
Just Australia Pty Ltd 437890294 info@justaustralia.it
Ko Oz Education 03 9939 4341 study@ko-oz.com
KOKOS International Melbourne 03 9602 4499 Junga@ikokos.com
Latin Advisor Pty Ltd 426844177 info@latinadvisor.com.au
LCA Study Solution 81-425133334 admin@lca-ryugaku.jp
Let’s Go Study 466095176 info@letsgostudy.com.au
LEVEL UP STUDIES 402705223 info@levelupstudies.com
Link Education
Link House
LISM 431612192 yoshi@lism.com.au
Live Travel Study
Me Studies 411825075 info@mestudies.com.au
MEK Consultancy Group 424690668 kevincai@mekgroup.com.au
Metta Education 451165634 admin@mettaedu.com.au
MGM Australian Education 430066588 marcela@mgmeducation.com
MIES Training as Bright Part 468924573 treechada@brightpart.global
Migration Star
MTSC 396638893 info@mtsc.com.au
Mundo Destinos 5716296043 amanda@mundodestinos.com
MZA Consulting
Oi Mate 0432 567 230 dylan@oimatestudy.com
Open Conexus 282057766 julieta@openconexus.com
Oz Link International
Oz Trip Services
Ozn Study 405218352 info@oznstudy.com
Ozzie Way 413186709 ana.maldonado@ozzieway.com
Penguin Education Consulting Australia
RACC Education and Migration Services
RAYCH Consulting 433399178 edu@raych.com.au
Red Education Australia Pty. Ltd. 421678595 jc@reduhak.com
Red Sea Education & Migration Services P/L 0412 128 492/03 90285128 inquiry@redsea.com.au
Rich Education 0011 – 66 859242422 cathy.richedu@gmail.com
Rincon and Associates T/AS RC Australia Migration 448550176 aus.rca@rincon.com.au
RUHE Global Resources
RY Education
Ryugaku Story 81-792589801 info@ryugaku-story.com
Shalom Education Services 469843161 jamesgwa2012@gmail.com
Sis – Consulting – Australia Online 413829546 michal@australianonline.au
Sky High Consultancy Pty. Ltd 433041399
Smaart Skills
Smaryu/ Re-Abraod 81-363805853 info@reabroad.co.jp
SPIIBLE PTY LTD 426003971 mauricio@spiible.com
Star Smile Education Pty Ltd 390779207 info@starsmileeducation.com
STELLAR EDUCATION AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 0404 488 155 info@stellaraustralia.com
Study Central Pty Ltd 280656085 admin@studycentral.com.au
Study CO 396292677 study@studyco.com
Study Destination 448725383 julie@studydestination.com.au
STUDY DIRECTIONS 406153388 amit@studydirections.com
Study Fair International Ltd.
Study First Australia
Study Unlimited 57-3133083187 desarrollo@studyunlimited.co
STUDY UP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. 431 598 582 ceo@studyupau.com.au
TCON Edu Services
Team Mission Impossible 292833443 tamami@tmiau.com
The Newstone Group Pty Ltd 03 96428881 relationship@thenewstone.com
The Old Man Migration
The Unique Expereinces 0011 66 62 423 9623 info@tuesthailand.com
Tick Australia 405930098 info@agenciadeestudios.com
Time 2 Travel/ Tagarela 478156450 oceania@t2tagency.com
Time Study 405601098 joseph@timest.com.au
Tour Studies 422190787 info@tourstudies.com
Trip Study 478528558 fernanda@tripstudy.com.br
Tycoon Education (Melbourne, AUST) (Head Office)
U&I Global
Upper International 430271193 mariana@upperinternational.com
VETA Education Consultancy 02 9299 1458 admissions@australiaveta.com.au
Victory Consultancy
Vive Australia 414461044 camilov@viveaustralia.net
West 1 Student Services 421419901 marcel@west1.com.au
Will World Australia Pty Ltd 396500016 melbourne@willworldeducation.com
Working Holiday Centre
We link Education 430271153 mariana@welink.education
YAC Agency 81-3-33200589 info@yac-agency.com
Yarro Australia 401560522 info@yarroaustralia.com.au
YC Education
YEC International Ltd
Your Aussie Life 432108677 fabricio@youraussielife.com
HelloEdu 432108677 fabricio@youraussielife.com
Masiratna info@helloedu.com.au
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