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By Joseph DeMarini

It’s been just over a month since Pokémon GO exploded onto the scene (and, subsequently, everybody’s phones), and with little guidance from the release company Niantic, people are finally starting to figure out the best places to catch their favourite monsters and the best ways to play the game. In Melbourne, a dedicated community of trainers have more or less mapped locations for specific Pokémon, and there are some spots players are always gathering—specifically around Lure Modules, which are devices that, for 30 minutes, spawn random Pokémon for everyone around a singular spot called a Pokéstop.

Since Lure Modules are very rare—unless you pay for them—it’s to your benefit to find locations where other people are likely to use theirs, and the Melbourne CBD is your best bet for finding a plethora of pink petal-raining Lure Modules to take advantage of. My favorite location is the State Library of Victoria, on Swanston Street across from Melbourne Central. From the entrance and the steps, you’re within range of four Pokéstops that have Lure Modules installed in them the majority of the time. If you’re on your own and feeling bored, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with the other people playing there (and practice your English!). Another good location is around Crown Casino, and walking along the Yarra River yields a nice variety with no need for Lure Modules!

Some bars and clubs have been hosting Pokémon-related events, like throwing down Lure Modules for guests and hosting gym battles between the three teams: Valor (GO TEAM RED!), Mystic (Booooo Blue) and Instinct (non-confrontational Yellow). Other restaurants also offer special deals for players, while still others give concession prices to higher-levelled trainers.

There is plenty of information on the web, from levelling up more quickly to apps that can give you details on where and when certain Pokémon appear (known as “nests”), and it’s all too much for me to cover in one blog post. Feel free to say hello if you see me on the street trying to become the very best—we can catch ‘em all together! And remember: keep your eggs incubating!