A perfect course offered by Explore English for students who would like to prepare themselves for the PTE Academic Test.

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  • Upper Intermediate to Advanced
  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  • New starters welcome every Monday!
  • CRICOS: 092019E


The Australian government now accepts PTE Academic Scores for higher studies as well as immigration purposes. The course provides ample practice to students by using Pearson approved textbooks and mock exams. Students will receive regular hints and tips for PTE academic preparation and how to pass the proficiency test.



  • Learn the exam techniques and become fully familiar with the test itself. The test assesses your proficiency in the four macro skill areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Increase students’ vocabulary. Vocabulary plays an important role across all the four macro skills and students are encouraged to increase their knowledge by recording new words and recycle their vocabulary throughout the course.
  • Opportunity to practice exam tasks with our PTE academic sample questions papers.
  • Ample opportunity in class to discuss issues arising from reading topics and provide opportunity for further vocabulary development and to practice speaking tasks.


This course is recommended by Pearson. Please visit to learn more.

I am Alejandra Alvarez, a part time worker. Learning a new language was always one of my biggest challenges, and finding the right place was equally important. When I joined the course, the purpose was to get ready for my PTE Pearson, I was really nervous for my test but at the same time was excited to know the Institute, meet everyone and start my studies.

My experience here has been great and the classes were excellent. I felt great and the connection with the teacher was good, that was very helpful and provided me the best environment.

I have new knowledge now and my English has improved. Also I’m glad to say that my exam results were excellent.Alejandra Alvarez

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Technology Grammar Speaking Writing Reading Listening Assessments
Understanding the format Fundamental and complex grammatical structures Functional everyday language as well as complex scenarios Academic and useful everyday English Understanding gist, for details and interpreting the language Complex texts, accents and interpretation Weekly tests in speaking vocabulary and grammar. Tri-weekly tests reading, writing and listening