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Join us at Explore English for a free Introduction to PTE Academic!

When: February 2nd 2016 Time: 3pm – 5.30pm | Where: 5/250 Collins St, Melbourne

Part 1: Introduction to PTE exam:

  • Why take the PTE exam?
  • How the exam is assessed- by computer, there are three main brackets that students fit into.
  • Brief explanation of sections and overall timings.


Part 2: Overview of the exam:

  • Speaking and writing
    • What is involved in the personal introduction.
    • Explanation of tests with timing and examples.
  • Reading – Explanation of tests with timings and examples.
  • Listening – Explanation of tests with timing and examples.


Part 3: Overview of the class:

  • Test techniques
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Language development


Part 4: Q&A

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Yes, I will attend the PTE Introduction Session on 2nd of Feb 2016