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The Best Apps to Learn English with Today

October 25, 2018 0 2

Learning a new language has more benefits than you could ever think of. It helps keep the mind sharp while enhancing memory and more. Aside from these, it also increases networking skills. There is no better way to build connection and rapport with foreign people than speaking their own tongue. Of course, networking skills are…

Are Aussie English Slangs in Danger of Disappearing?

September 25, 2018 0 0

English is a universal language and it is spoken by a sizeable population across all countries. Despite English being spoken in various places around the globe, there are striking differences with regards to their pronunciation. When you speak to other people from different nationalities, you get to hear different terminologies — often referred to as…

Queen's language Australia

The Quirks of Speaking the Queen’s Language

September 19, 2018 0 0

As a person who is learning the English as a second language, had it ever crossed your mind why British English sounds distinct?  Aside from the different accents, pronunciations, and colloquial terms, there are area-exclusive rules needed to be followed — in speaking the Queen’s language. With all the things needed to be taken into…

Linkers that will save your life!

March 10, 2016 0 1

When you have to do a piece of writing – an essay, an argumentation, a summary etc. – it is important to think about who you are writing this to or for! – The reader! Now, here it is important that you keep your audience interested and to ensure that the text is easy to…

White Light Festival in Melbourne Credit John Gollings

Best Free Festivals in Melbourne for Students

February 12, 2016 0 0

Being a student can mean working hard, but it also means playing hard! However, being a student in another country can be expensive, so that is why we have listed below some great free events for students in Melbourne.    White Light Melbourne 2016 20th of Feb 2016 - Melbourne CBD Embark on a journey…

Hamburger Writing Chart

Hamburger Writing Chart

December 16, 2015 0 0

Writing is often perceived as difficult both by foreign and by English-speaking students. If you don’t follow the logical step-by-step rule things can get a bit messy. Luckily, in English, there’s a clearly preordered structure you can follow when writing an essay or any other piece of wiring for that matter. The Hamburger Chart is…