Tips on How to Speak English Fluently Like a Professional

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business english course melbourneThe English language is universal and is spoken globally in the business world. In a lot of countries, educational institutions that focuses on business development courses such as colleges, universities and skills training have made English as a primary medium of instruction.

Since English is spoken all over the world, it opens various doors of opportunities to students and professionals alike, such as living and working within an English-speaking company or a country that has a large population of expats as English speakers. For people who are in the process of learning English as a second language, they can see the language as complicated, especially when they are learning the intricacies of business English – complete with its set of proper correspondence and verbatim.

For those who want to push through and understand the business correspondence of business English better, here are tips on how to speak English fluently like a professional.


Watch and listen to English-speaking media

Watching business news, or choosing a business talk show will help you become familiar with the terminologies under business English as well as reinforce your sentence construction in describing business related events. With repeated viewing, you will eventually notice a pattern of conciseness and the right term selection in business news that cover topics such as stock market, currency trading and corporate news.

This activity helps in learning more about the language that is not taught in textbooks, such as applied conversation and comprehension skills about the latest business news that are directly related to business information. These business terms are also as important as grammar for it helps in making you speak and write proper business English.


Read the Business section of English newspapers

For students and professionals who are looking for a career in the business and corporate world, the proper business correspondence begins with understanding the structure, format and techniques embedded in business writing. The most common example that we can take a look at is the business section of English newspapers.

These sections are written and proofread by an editorial team of professionals who have years of experience in business correspondence. If you go over their articles and editorials, you will see reports on stock market, business laws, corporate announcements, foreign exchange and economic policies.

When you do pick up a newspaper, try reading it out loud as practice. This is training yourself in the pronunciation and grammar of business English. The concept of familiarity and repetition of business English speaking — done from business news reading will also help boost your confidence levels when conversing about business.



Always think in English

Another tip to boost your confidence and oral sentence construction is to speak the language mentally as a form of self-rehearsal. Thinking and speaking in English mentally, by means of mental dialogues or having an internal monologue, you are giving yourself an opportunity to practice the language without the anxiety of stuttering. This is also helps in boosting your confidence when speaking or conversing with English as the mental practise helps in refining your accent, pronunciation and sentence construction.



Change your mindset

In learning English, you should be able to remove the self excuse that fumbling in between English conversation is acceptable as you are not a native English speaker to begin with. This excuse will only drag down your confidence in speaking English fluently while it will also limit your dedication in trying to hone your speaking skills.

Sticking to the idea that you will never achieve a level of English fluency similar to native English speakers is detrimental to your training. It’s important to have a positive mindset as it raises the bar of your aspirations. When you are enrolled in an English speaking course, having the mentality to achieve fluency does have a positive impact to your drive in learning the language. But if you limit yourself in accepting a “so-so” aim at basic English, you’ll never achieve a much better outcome because of a self-limiting mindset.

So if you’re planning to speak and write English in the business world, strive to achieve a level of English fluency like that of professionals.


Never stop learning

Learning English — and other languages for that matter — is a never-ending process; it’s a journey of continued self-improvement. Just because your English classes have finished, that does not mean that your learning ends as well.

You can continuously learn and improve your English through its daily application. This includes speaking, reading, writing and immersing yourself in English.

Even if you thought that you’ve already achieved a level of quality language, there’s always room to improve yourself because professional English spoken and written in the business world is much more demanding than basic English that is spoken casually every day.

With enough practice and peers to converse in English with, you’ll become competent in speaking the language in time. As far as the saying goes: “practice makes perfect.”

Learning and becoming fluent in speaking English helps in many ways — it both helps in a person’s education and professional career. Further enhance your Business English speaking and writing skills with Business English Courses in Melbourne under the guidance of Explore English’s diverse and certified teachers in a friendly classroom setting.

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