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Learning English will often open up many doors for you that would not have been open in any other way. When you take English courses and you learn the language, you may be asked to take a certain exam to test your proficiency, or you may need to take a test for a job interview. If you are asked to take the Pearson Test for English, you will want to keep some important tips in your head to make sure that you pass the test.




Take Your Time

This goes for parts of the test that will allow it. If you need to reread something, it will help you to fully understand the context that is being talked about, and you can grasp the idea that is being asked or talked about. In turn, when it comes to speaking, make sure you take the time to get the correct grammar into your sentence. This will ensure that you score well, and do not make any mistakes.


Read the Instructions

It is extremely important that you read all the instructions, in every part of the test, fully and completely. You do not want to have your test marked down for making a small mistake that was addressed in the directions.


Use Correct Grammar and Punctuation

It is important that you pay attention to all of the grammar and punctuation when you are writing in your essay portion. You should pay attention to what types of punctuation are the proper ones to use in certain situations. Grammar is always something to pay attention to, in all parts of the exam. When you read over what you wrote, remember back to the rules you learnt in your PTE Preparation class at Explore English.


Respond Quickly

When you are in the speaking portion of the test, you should make sure to respond quickly enough. If you take too much time, the microphone that you need to speak into will close itself after three seconds of silence.


Use Full Sentences

When speaking and writing, make sure that you use full sentences so you get your idea across properly. You need to make your ideas fully fledged sentences to pass the test.



Following these tips will help you once you make it to the PTE exam. When you walk into the exam, go with confidence and you will see that you will feel better about everything. When you get into the test and see that everything you have spent time on learning has helped you to pass, you will be glad that you took the time to study and put your all into learning a new language.