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Cooks’ Cottage – Brick by Brick

April 16, 2018 by in category Uncategorized

Cooks’ Cottage is a beautiful building set in the picturesque Fitzroy Gardens to commemorate the voyages of Captain James Cook, discoverer of Australia.   The Great Ayton family cottage is the only concrete historical link we have with Captain Cook’s origins and gives visitors an idea of life in the 1700’s. In 1933, the last […]

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10 Health Benefits of Yoga

April 5, 2018 by in category Uncategorized

Helps you focus – Studies have found that regular yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores.   Strengthens your muscles – Strong muscles do more than look good. They also protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain, and help prevent falls in elderly people.   Betters your balance – Regularly […]

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The Amazing Advantages of Art

March 26, 2018 by in category ELICOS, Life in Melbourne, Stress, Study in Melbourne, Uncategorized

Painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, crafts, design, photography – there are so many types of visual arts to explore and try! By practicing art, you can not only have fun and get creative, but it can also help you process emotions and feelings that you are struggling with. It is this idea of self-exploration that can often lead […]

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Winery and Brewery Tours Around Melbourne

July 20, 2016 by in category Life in Melbourne, Study in Australia, Study in Melbourne, Uncategorized tagged as , , , , , ,

By Joe DeMarini Don’t let winter get ya too down! It may be cold, windy and dreary out, but have I got the cure for you: booze! And lots of it. Melbourne has several fun brewery tours, and even more winery tours. Though the winery tours are probably more fun in summer, who cares!? A [...]

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Things to know when you are a student in Melbourne

May 3, 2016 by in category Life in Melbourne, Uncategorized tagged as , , , ,

You have made the great decision to come to study in Melbourne. You have chosen a fantastic school, which will feel you welcome and give you that sense of community. Now it is time to explore the wonderful city of Melbourne. When people think of Australia, they generally think of Sydney and the Opera house [...]

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Anyone can Become an ESL teacher!

March 1, 2016 by in category Career Tips, ELICOS, English is Fun, Learning English, Uncategorized tagged as , , , , , ,

Becoming an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher requires a few qualifications that are necessary here in Australia. But more importantly, you need a passion for languages and an in-depth understanding of the English language.   Many people think that it is quite difficult to become an ESL teacher and that it requires very [...]

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10 Tips to Learn English Faster

January 28, 2016 by in category Learning English, Study English, Study in Australia, Uncategorized tagged as , , ,

If you are looking to study an English course or just improve your English, here are 10 handy hints to help you along the way!   Speak it Whenever You Can It can be intimidating to have to speak the language you are learning, especially if you do not feel confident. But by speaking, you will [...]

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Adapting To A New Language

November 27, 2015 by in category Learning English, Study English, Study in Australia, Uncategorized tagged as , , ,

People decide to learn a new language for many different reasons. To travel, moving abroad, for their career, to communicate with friends and family, to widen their skills or even just taking an interest in the language. Learning a new language is hard work, its takes time and dedication. It doesn’t come over night, so […]

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Ten Fun Facts About Studying In Australia

November 26, 2015 by in category Study English, Study in Australia, Uncategorized tagged as , , ,

Australia is a beautiful country and a prime location for studying. Every year, thousands of international students travel to Australia to take advantage of the quality lifestyle and education. If you are thinking of studying in Australia, check out these ten fun facts:   1. It’s Pretty Popular Australia only has a population of 23 […]

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