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There are many different types of English courses, depending on your requirements. One of the tests available is the Person Test of English (or PTE). There are a few different PTE tests that are available for you to take, depending on what it is that you need to do.



Pearson Test of English, Academic

This particular test is geared for those students who are non native speakers. It is widely used for students who are looking to study abroad or immigrate to a country where English is spoken natively. It all takes place on the computer, and includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections. It is considered to be a multi-level test. The test is more academic in nature, and will test every aspect of the language to make sure that the student is well educated in the language. The results of these tests are done in about five day’s time, giving you a quick turnaround so you can get started on the next steps of your journey.


Pearson Test of English, General

This test, in comparison to the academic test, has only two parts; a written paper and an interview. This test is actually six levels long, and actually revolves around the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). If you are interested, you can actually take some of these tests for practice online. This test is great to raise your speaking and reading confidence.


Pearson Test of English, Young Learners

For those younger students who are looking to learn the language, this PTE exam will help to provide a solid framework of just where they are at in their learning. There are many levels of the test, depending on the age of the student, and their own learning level. The test focuses more on real life situations where they can test their speaking and writing.


For those students who are wanting to take the PTE Academic Test, make sure you prepare for it properly with a course like the PTE Preparation Course by Explore English in Melbourne.