Why PTE is the lesser known english proficiency test – until now

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Since IELTS (International English Language Test System), or ELTS as it was first known (English Language Testing Service) was set up in 1980, it has grown in popularity, demand and global student usage. The Pearson Test of English, on the other hand, was launched in 2009, for non-native English speakers to improve their standards of English, for the purpose of entering universities and gaining visa accreditation.

Twenty-nine years of IELTS – and only IELTS – has made it the more familiar examination choice across the world for students entering English-based work environments and nations with English as their first business language. However, the Pearson test is rapidly gaining momentum, popularity, and kudos for educational hub cities such as Melbourne, where intercontinental learning is now a major export of talent through education and an import of business for educational establishments.

The big difference between both is that PTE uses computer-based assessments so that scores; and ultimately the processing of visas and international work allowances are completed much faster. IELTS, on the other hand, has always had human examiners marking each test. Similarities between both IELTS and PTE are that language standards for both are in the same league, as well as the intensity of the tests. In other words, if you aim for the standard of IELTS, then PTE can give you as professional a level of English.

As you can imagine, the waiting list for IELTS tests can be a test of patience when waiting for a working visa – with such a high demand from such an influx of students learning English, so why not try the Pearson Test of English? As it is still breaking through the boundaries of multinational educational capabilities, familiarity is not yet at the recognition of its preceding cohort, IELTS. Yet in days to come it will be gaining thousands more students globally, along with the trust of a myriad of governments, schools, and colleges. Already, Harvard, Yale and Stanford’s renowned business schools in the USA accept PTE scores, as well as London Business School (UK), HEC Paris (France) and all of our universities here in Melbourne.

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