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How apt to begin a blog of the language we promote, than to refer to probably the most famous English poet of them all, William Shakespeare; to guide us into thoughts about this day of vernacular celebration. For it was Shakespeare who changed the way modern English has become, with its many ways of expressing and comparisons.

“Words are easy, like the wind”, he wrote. So, on Saturday, April 23rd;  World English Language Day (as appointed by UNESCO in 2010) it would be a great challenge from us at Explore English for you all to catch the wind and learn a new word. We will even make it easy for you to choose which word it is by giving you a handful of words which we at Explore English, love.

englsh day

Ah, you’re thinking – a list of words – there is more than one to learn? Not if you feel lackadaisical or languorous. But on the other hand, if you’re in an invigorated, sprightly or ebullient mood –  yes, because they are such great lexical delights, we decided that if you learn one, it may be addictive! Sneaky? Yes. Here goes.









Aha! Now that you have the lovely slices of diction, we challenge you further to use them in your spoken English! Some of them may refer to people you know, some may be the way you feel on English Language Day! Some may even be something you may have done recently…

Now that we have set you this lovely little challenge, we hope you have a happy day on Saturday and practise your spoken lingo as much as possible. As old William said, we hope you are “as merry as the day is long” and…enjoy exploring English!