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Watching television and movies is a great way to solidify a language that you are learning. It is great because you can hear many different accents, slang terms, and pronunciations of the same language and the visuals creates context for you to understand, even if you didn’t pick up the meaning of the word. If you are looking for some films that you can watch to help you learn English more, take a peek at any on this list to help you out:


The Hunger Games

This movie is a great modern choice for young people wanting to learn English. Because it is set in America, there is an accent, that is not too strong. It is a fun and action packed movie for all students who are studying English to enjoy!


Toy Story

If action is not your thing, then Toy Story might be more up your alley. Though it is a kid’s movie, it has simple English to understand, and the characters in the movie do not talk very fast. Since it is for children, there are a lot of easy to understand words and phrases for all learners. Really, any Disney movie or movie for children is great to watch for learning English.


Harry Potter Series

This movie series is a great choice if you have always been a fan of the books. Here, you can listen to many different British English accents and pick up on different words that you may not have heard otherwise. Plus, the movie is designed for children and young adults, so the English is quite simple to understand and follow.


The Social Network

For those students who want to know the background behind Facebook, and watch something that is funny and easy to understand, this movie is great. The dialogue is nothing too difficult, and you can learn a bit about American college life, as well as the beginning of one of the largest social media sites there is.


Finding a great film to watch in order to learn English makes learning fun! If you watch the films without subtitles, you will be able to understand things faster than if you rely on subtitles. Have a weekend movie marathon that will help you learn one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet today. You will be happy that you did when you see just how well you can understand things now. If you study english courses at Explore English, you can enjoy our free movie screenings at the campus!