How YouTube Can Help You Improve Your English Speaking Skills

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There are many ways to learn the English language. You can learn from books or holding a conversation with native speakers. You can also watch movies, shows, or listen to the radio or music to understand the language deeper.

Obtaining a library full of English materials is vital to becoming better with a new language. All of the mediums mentioned above will help you absorb a difficult culture, and even how they pronounce words you have never encountered before.

Aside from all of these methods, if we’re going to incorporate technology into the lesson plan, YouTube offers an extensive library of videos that teach English and other languages as well. To be honest, you can find almost everything on YouTube. If you know how to look, then you’ll get access to various topics. From grammar to diction, the access is free and available around the clock. There are also videos from English-language channels in YouTube you can access, which is also free.

Content is uploaded in video format on the website, so it’s the learner’s choice when to access the content. All it takes is a mobile device and an internet connection to access YouTube and stream an English video of your choice.


How to Maximise Learning through YouTube Videos


Subscribing to YouTube Channels

These are basically YouTube accounts, but with uploaded content. The function of the subscribe function is to make you up to date to your YouTube user of choice. For example, you subscribed to BBC Learning English. Since you’re subscribed to them, you are now part of their following list of the people who get notified if they uploaded a new English video


Liking Videos

In YouTube, the like video has a multipurpose for users. The like button is the “thumbs up” icon you will find on the bottom right of the video. Liking videos, of course, will show the uploader that you appreciated or like the content, and, at the same time, adding the video into your “liked videos” playlist.

The like button also curates your liked videos into your Liked Videos playlists, making it easier for you to find these videos. So, if you liked a video lesson from Explore English’s YouTube Channel, then you’ll be able to locate it easier and faster when you need to review it


Always Turn On Subtitles

Subtitles serve as a guide for the viewer to further understand what the person in the video is saying. This really helps English learners since they get to hear and read the word at the same time thanks to subtitles.

YouTube offers a subtitle option in their videos — when the uploader also included subtitles on the video. Just proceed to the bottom of the video itself and you will see a “CC” icon, which stands for “closed captioning” that means subtitles. Click that in order to turn on subtitles.

However, pay attention whenever you turn on subtitles. Sometimes, subtitles in YouTube are “automatically generated.” This means that the subtitles are translated as how the computer understands it, which may lead to errors.

The English language can be used in a majority of countries in the world. It serves as a solid connection between different cultures and upbringing. Learning a widely spoken language can help you adjust to a new surrounding, such as moving into a new city. If you want to improve your English language skills, you can take up a general english course in melbourne in order to learn under the tutelage of a school full of expert teachers and fun activities, such as Explore English.

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